Client Quotes & Interviews

Below are quotes from clients and past members of JMA teams. Two themes recur: that the methodology is very powerful, and that it has transferrable benefits to all areas of the organization.

From Team Members

"I really understand what my colleagues do now and have an even greater respect for them. I liked that we could just get down to brass tacks and get actual work accomplished without all of the usual red tape, procedures, and policies that usually turn a molehill into a mountain. I liked learning an effective methodology that I can apply to other areas of my work."

– York PS Team Member

"It was a huge learning [opportunity] for me as I am new to the department. It made the puzzle come together for me."

– CRNBC Exam PS Team Member

"This was a life-changing event."

– UBC Human Resources BPR Team Member

"PS is fabulous! Can’t wait to make the process run so much smoother for the candidates and for CRNBC!"

– CRNBC Exam PS Team Member

"[I enjoyed] working with other staff outside usual work and coming up with a workable plan with buy in from everyone involved."

– CARNA PS Team Member

"It was… fascinating… to deconstruct and reconstruct a process — I think having gone through it once will equip me to apply the steps to other processes more relevant to my job."

– York PS Team Member

"[I appreciated that] those people affected by changes in workflow process were consulted and included in decision making."

– CRNBC Exam PS Team Member

"Thinking out of the box… discussing new and creative ways of looking at things is stimulating and a ‘positive crank’ that carries on even when we return to our work."

– CRNBC Learning Events PS Team Member

From Team Leaders

"Leading a PS changed my perspective on what being a team leader is. It was an awakening. I used to be an advisor, providing information. Now I help others figure out what they’re comfortable with."

– UBC Research PS Team Leader

"PI projects offer the opportunity to identify synergies across the organization that might not have happened otherwise. PI provides the framework that allows smart, creative people to do things differently. [We’re] focusing on the process, not the technology."

– UBC Student Recruitment BPR Team Leader