Process Streamlining

How well are we doing the things we do?

Process Streamlining (PS) is focused on the incremental improvement of an overall business process by improving its individual steps.


The primary goals of PS are:

  • reducing time
  • reducing complexity
  • eliminating bureaucracy within individual process steps


Working full time for several days over two weeks, a seconded team of 6 to 8 members is charged with streamlining a process (see timeline below). The team’s recommendations must be implementable in 90 to 120 days.

A variation on the full PS methodology is a Mini-Process Streamlining project, where the scope of streamlining is narrower, and implementation is measured in weeks.

For a complete overview of JMA’s Process Streamlining methodology, download our Process Streamlining Overview (PDF).


Prior to PS Launch

  • Develop Case for Action, End Results and Constraints, and Start and End of Process parameters
  • Pre-map process

Training, Mapping & Brainstorming

  • Train Team Leader, Process Owner, Scribe and Team Members
  • Review and verify mapping of current process and plan for external research
  • Identify attributes of each process step
  • Brainstorm and do external research

External Research / Redesign

  • Brainstorm and do external research
  • Design new process
  • Finalize design and plan report


  • Write report

Post PS

  • Present report to Sponsor(s)
  • Plan implementation and execute