Make Agendas Simple Using JMA’s Template

Creating an agenda can be challenging… determining topics to include, their order, the length of each, and activities.

And rearranging topics on-the-fly during a meeting is messy… changing time allocated, switching the order, and ensuring times add up.

JM Associates facilitates all kinds of meetings, including our Process Improvement teams. We previously shared tips for creating a realistic agenda and facilitating to it. Check out 5 Tips for Effective Zoom Meetings.

Now we’re sharing the easy-to-use Auto-Adjusting Agenda Template we developed and use. You can create an agenda and adjust it on the fly with our spreadsheet-based tool.

  • Enter the agenda start time, topics, and lengths for each. The tool automatically calculates the start and end time for each topic.
  • Rearrange topics and time by dragging rows up and down (Google Sheets) or cutting-and-pasting (Excel). The tool automatically adjusts the start and end time.
  • Use the Notes column for facilitation notes. You may not want to include this column on the copy you share with participants.

To get your copy of the template:

  • Google Sheets User: Login to your Google account, click here, then choose File >> Add to My Drive
  • Excel Users: Click here, then choose File >> Download >> Microsoft Excel